About light waves concept

Light Waves Concept, Inc. is a low-voltage track lighting company specializing in high-end lighting solutions for home and commercial installation.  Before founding this company in 1998, we looked around and saw too many large lighting companies expecting their customers to have  electrician certifications and Trump-sized bank accounts…So, we entered the landscape of the track lighting field with one goal: to bring the joys of designer lighting to everyone– professional and amateur.  Homemaker and designer.  Factory owner and small business CEO alike.  

We feel that quality, design and engineering excellence can be affordable and accessible.  We’re passionate about lighting because we believe it’s one of the defining components of a good quality of life.  We find people never know what they’re missing until they find the perfect LWC product for them.  And after that?  Well, after that they’re usually out to the races!  It becomes addicting!  Who hasn’t wondered if their reading light isn’t hurting their eyes?  Or how much nicer their living space would look if they could hang the lights from the ceiling rather than cluttered around the floor and tables?  Or how much more professional and successful they would feel in their business if they had a lighting system that ran like any good company should: smoothly, efficiently and excellently

So, with this dedication we dove in and began to grow exponentially.  An average of 220% a year, in fact!  We now proudly count ourselves among the top ten low-voltage cable lighting companies in the U.S. and our affiliates span the globe.  And we’re still going strong!  One of the most important things to us is customer service.  We count it among our top priorities to give the personal attention and friendly service one might find in the hardware store around the corner- no matter how big we get. 

Another one of our mission statements is to remain on the cutting edge– always.  And that means scouring the world for any hint of a breakthrough in lighting engineering while giving our own designers the creative leeway to truly push the envelope.  With this modus operandi we’ve been able to add an average of three new fixtures to our line every six months.  We only use OSRAM Halogen lamps in our fixtures.  These produce the highest and brightest quality of light in the industry.    What’s more- we offer lighting technology that cannot be found anywhere else in the world!  

The future of lighting rests in LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes.  These bulbs use almost 90% less electricity than standard bulbs, last up to and beyond ten years and produce an even spectrum of light that is unparalleled.  Soon, these will be in every home and office.  In anticipation of this, we began offering LED products in October of 2004 and we are feverishly adding to our roster. 

This is just one of the areas in lighting technology where our engineers and designers are paving the way.  From our offices in NohoManhattan and VeniceItaly we continue to break barriers in the crux of our company- track lighting- and we now offer nearly every other type of lighting source in existence.  It’s been an exciting seven years and I look forward to the future of this exciting industry and bringing it to you.

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